How to Choose the Best Website Builder for Artists

When you’re an artist, you want to make sure that you deliver the perfect image online. A substandard and boring website will not do. But you want to also make sure that it has to be affordable especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Having a website, you might want to include videos, music and images on your site and consolidate all your social media profiles so that your viewers and future buyers will be able to follow your creative output.

Below are the things you need to consider when building/creating your own website:

First, is to consider the cost and maintenance of your website
You should have your own domain
It should have a simple structure
Social Media Consolidation
Video, audio and photo integration
Optional for blog integration

It is said that for an artist website to be successful the artist needs to keep it fast, easy, simple and organized. The content must be straight to the point including the navigation in order to attract viewers and future buyers in the first place and make sure that they will get hook to your site. Your viewer must be able to identify what they are looking for and what your art looks like and who the artist is so that they are able to remember your website. If you lack from all these important factors for your website, you won’t be able to hold viewers and you might not have potential buyers as well. You will end up with a confusing, nonfunctional website that will only overpopulates the internet world.

A free web hosting site is ok but it’s always lame since it’s free! Though free website gives you the opportunity to create your own website without costing you any penny, it will just give your viewers headache with all the advertisements and other conspicuous graphics and text. At worst, maybe half of your website page is controlled by the host site that gives a circus look to your website. Furthermore, free sites give the impression that either you can’t afford your own website or domain name or worse yet, that you don’t care enough about your art to bother buying your own domain in order to make it look its best online.

If you are not focused and dedicated to your website, its format will be too confusing, puzzling and your viewers get lost which leads to loss of sales. As an artist, you should always make sure that every page on your website is detailed, concise and has all the information that a viewer needs. It has to be on point and attractive too. Nobody wants to see experimental pieces that didn’t quite work, older pieces that have little or no bearing on the art you’re making and so on. Too much art and too much variety is confusing to viewers because they can’t get a sense of who you are or what your art represents or is intended. Remember to make your art simple, current and related.

The absolute best way for you to get the word out about your art is by building your own personalized website. Make sure yours is working on your behalf and that anyone anywhere who lands on it can get up to speed about where they are, what they’re about to see and experience, and be able to click on over to your galleries as quickly and effortlessly as possible. If you want more people to see your art, start immediately by putting together a welcoming website that’s easy for anyone to understand and navigate.